Are You Wasting Time and Money In Your MLM/Direct Sales Business? (Part I)

Personally, I’ve been involved with MLMs for over a decade. Until I learned these secrets, I’ve never been able to make the businesses work. So like many of you have done in the past, or like many of your downline will do if you don’t pass this knowledge on, I abandoned the opportunity altogether. I have found that every one of those MLM opportunities start you out the same way – a brainstorming exercise.

This brainstorming exercise is to get you to think of at least 100 people that you know to introduce to the business. Now this exercise usually comes with an aid that is often called a Memory Jogger. This aid has you listing close family, distant family, friends, associates, neighbors, coworkers, the guy who mows your lawn, the lady who cuts your cheese at the deli, your cable guy, the mail person … you get what I’m saying here, right? You’ve heard all of this before. Basically any and everybody you come in contact with on a regular basis.

Think Everyone Is Your Prospect? Think Again!

That is what we are taught by our uplines – “Everyone Is Your Prospect!” Everyone we meet is a potential business partner who we can mold and shape into another harassing, stranger tackling, sample & brochure toting, broke MLM Business owner. Now with this particular weapon in your arsenal, you have undoubtedly faced rejection after rejection. How much of that can one person really take? In one MLM Business that I’m involved in, they actually gave us a “100 No’s Sheet.” We are supposed to prospect people until we get 100 No’s. Can you believe that? They are essentially telling us to build a business while building a tolerance, a force field essentially, for rejection. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like hearing the word “No” nor do I want to get used to hearing it!

As a business owner, not just in MLM businesses, I believe that everyone I meet is a potential customer. This doesn’t mean that I shove my products down their throats the moment that I meet them. It simply means that I’m constantly listening to them for a way that I can improve their life, situation, health, and/or well-being with my products. I don’t even carry samples around. I simply carry business cards that list my sites, and I highlight the site and maybe write something extra on it to remind them why they have the card. Now that person can choose to use it or not. No harm no foul, I get tons of business cards for cheap.

Notice, however, that I said “potential customer,” not business partner. This is for a very good reason. A long time ago, I realized that the world is filled with Sellers, Buyers, and Haters. Sellers are the people, like you, who get it. Sellers are the people who understand that it’s important to have multiple streams of income and are the folks who will jump at the chance to hear more about your MLM Opportunity and Compensation Plan. Sellers are other business owners! Buyers are your customer base. Buyers are the people who will purchase your product because it is useful or simply because they want to support you. They will never be interested in joining your opportunity because the risks of owning their own business are just too much for them. Haters are the people that you get rejected by the most often. Haters don’t want to join your MLM Business or buy your product. In fact, they will buy a similar product from someone else, a stranger even, just not from you. Why they do this is beyond me, but you’ve seen these folks. They are located in our inner circles. We consider them the closest of family and the best of friends. All they ever have for you when it comes to your business is "No."

With everyone split into these three groups, how can it be possible that “Everyone Is Your Prospect?” The statement just simply is not true! Your upline, however, continually tells you to hit the pavement with costly samples and brochures in tow prospecting everyone you meet, compiling your rejections onto your 100 No’s Sheet as a constant reminder of how much rejection you’ve faced with little to no results. What happens when the sheet is filled up you ask? Well, they just tell you to start a new sheet. Your told that direct sales/network marketing is a numbers game and the more you prospect the more positive results you will achieve. It’s sort of like when they have you tell your party host to invite 30 people to ensure that 10 people show up.

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