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Tamikia Alford was born and raised in a middle class working family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The youngest of six children, she showed early interest in computers and great intellectual ability. In the second grade, at a mere eight years old, she was taught computer programming in a language called LogoWriter during Computer Club, an afterschool activity. She soon noticed that there was LogoWriter programming code listed in her math textbook and begin to apply and modify these programs on her own. It goes without saying that her computer science teacher was quite impressed. And so began her educational journey to become a Computer Programmer/Analyst despite the fact that her home did not contain a computer until she purchased one for her undergraduate studies. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) in 2003. Having fulfilled her life goal of becoming a Computer Programmer/Analyst (Software Engineer) for a well known government contracting company, she went on to complete a Master of Science in Software Engineering degree from Walden University (Minneapolis, Minnesota) in 2008.

In the midst of following her childhood dreams, Tamikia also picked up some business acumen. She got her first real job, at age 13, at Phila-Job, a summer job program for low income families, at age 16, worked as a Seater for HomeTown Buffet, at age 19, went from Associate to Assistant Manager at a mall location of London Fog, and even did some temporary work at AAA Emergency Road Service while in college. Having been no stranger to hard shift-work at a J-O-B, Tamikia knew there had to be a better way. She was first introduced to MLMs and the idea of multiple streams of income in 1998, and really tried to make it work. The thought of owning her own business seemed like a huge responsibility, but Tamikia was ready for it. However, trying to convince people, even family, to switch their long distance carrier when you are 18 proved to be difficult so she eventually let that business go.

After her father passed away in November 2004, Tamikia was introduced to the idea of being an internet retailer. With her love of computers and programming, especially web programming, this was a perfect fit. Alford I-Enterprises was established and so began Tamikia’s journey to financial freedom. Sharpening her skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, Tamikia started to find great success in this arena, even after a move to Orlando, Florida.

Don't think that she's all work and no play. Tamikia LOVES to travel!  She's been to Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Africa, and at least 15 of the 48 contiguous states.  She also enjoys rollerskating, gardening, swimming, do-it-yourself (DIY) work, eating exotic foods, and hanging out with friends and family.  She is a huge movie buff and loves to critique them.  Tamikia loves living in Orlando because she just cannot stay away from amusement parks and thrill rides!  Disney, Sea World, and Universal, what better city is there to be if you love amusements!

It wasn’t long before she was being approached time and time again with different direct sales and MLM businesses. Knowing the importance of having multiple streams of income and all her free time going towards the internet retail business, Tamikia restricted herself to opportunities with low overhead and/or services/products that she would use in her own daily life. Having been out of the MLM arena for some time, she found that the methods of building those types of businesses had not changed at all and she decided to take a stand. Tamikia knew that those methods did not work, and decided to find ways to let people who came in contact with her know about the opportunity without “recruiting.” No longer would she be making personal invitations to dial into opportunity calls or meetings. She would make the opportunity visible, and those who were interested would contact her. These methods had some success so she researched further into this idea of using the internet to find people who were interested in the opportunities she made available. What she found she shares here on this blog and teaches her downlines to duplicate, but you can be the among the first to get ALL of Tamikia’s shared knowledge by signing up for her e-newsletter below.
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