Are You Wasting Time and Money In Your MLM/Direct Sales Business? (Part II)

In Part I of this series, I talked about the separation of people in this world with relation to our businesses, Buyers, Sellers, and Haters. In case you haven’t figured this out already, you have two completely unique target markets - Buyers and Sellers. Realizing that, like me, you were probably taught those "old school" methods that make you believe that everyone who buys your products will naturally share them with friends and family and then will want to join the business to get them at a discount, and/or to make some extra cash.

What Is A Target Market?

By definition, a target market is basically a group of people who are specifically interested in what you are offering. These are the folks who are most likely to buy your product and/or join your business.

Why Just The Buyers and Sellers?

Remember what I said about Buyers – they aren’t interested in owning their own business. Why is that? For many reasons: Some people love what they do for a living to pay the bills (otherwise known as a J. O. B.) and will never leave it. Some are scared to be “self-employed” and with that attitude, should never be. Some are morally against making a lot of money or feel they have enough (or too much) already. Some are completely convinced that MLM Businesses are Pyramid Schemes (even after you try to explain the difference). Lastly, some just have no ambition (or simply don’t care) and want to remain at their current level in life. The Haters, well, do I really need to remind you of where they get you? Ok, I will… A one-way, express ticket, to Frustration-ville with a quick stop at NO-NO-NO Land.

Think about what you’ve been doing to be successful in your business recruiting. Have you been wasting time and money pushing your business onto Buyers and Haters, facing constant rejection, getting your blood pressure up from frustration? You want to get your opportunity in front of the right people, your target market, the Sellers. Once you do that, you will achieve 100x the results with a quarter of the the effort. All of this while avoiding frustration and rejection. We want to work smarter, not harder, right?