A Simple Way to Generate Endless FREE Leads!

Have you been buying lead lists and cold calling, only to be met with “I’ve heard this already,” “I Signed up for this opportunity three months ago,” and other frustrating, rejection filled responses or non-responses? Have you found that these leads are not very well targeted to YOUR market? Well, here is a simple way to have leads chasing YOU!

Are you ready for it? Here it comes…

Leverage the Internet! 

That’s right, the internet. The same place you found these secrets. People are constantly searching for information on the internet. There are plenty of network marketers, your target market, constantly searching for ways to become more successful. After all, 97% are failing! They are dying to find a way to make money in this business.

How do you leverage the internet, exactly? Well that’s another simple answer. With a web presence! You need a web presence in order for the Sellers, to find YOU. You will need to market this web presence so that you can be found easily. A capture page allows you to grab their information so that you can tell them more about what is needed to be successful. Once they have found you, your target market, Sellers, will opt-in by leaving their information on your capture page.

There you have it - Endless FREE Opted-In Leads! The facts of the matter are these:
  • People will not automatically give you their information just because you have a page asking for it. You have to sell them on YOU first! 
  • Capturing leads is only a step to success. It is what you do with the leads that actually make you money. Trust me when I say that it’s NOT pitching your business to them!
For starters, what do you think will make a person give you their contact information? A better question is what is it about you that will make a person want to hear what you have to say? This answer is simple too - your brand. In business in general, it's important to brand yourself, preferably as a guru or coach. You know what they say, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." This has never been more fitting! If you really want to learn how to do something, try to teach it to someone else. The depth of knowledge required to teach someone a subject is unbelievable, and it will make you a guru.

So once you've become a guru, you have to prove it. Use your web presence to present this knowledge, freely, to your potential student. You don't have to go into any grave detail. After all, that's what the coaching is for! However, it does have to be enough for the person to understand that you know what you are talking about and that they can learn from you.

Now that you have your web presence with all of its useful wisdom, you just have to market it. you would do that the way you would market any business online. That means you will have to build your skills in Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization techniques. It would probably be worthwhile to invest in learning online advertising methods as well.

So you see, the real secret to generating endless free leads is being a know-it-all!

Why MLM Opportunity Provided Websites Are Only Good For Sponsoring Reps

Have you ever wondered why your MLM Business provides you with a website? First, it provides more information on the product. Secondly, it gives your customers an opportunity to place orders on their own. Third, it tells people visiting the site all about the opportunity and gives them a link to sign up. Lastly, it does a good job of marketing the company.

Did you notice that I never said anything about you? Those sites do not help you market You, Inc. Sure, they have your name, contact information, and maybe your picture, but how many of you have had success getting those sites to the top of the natural search engine listings. You can't modify the metadata keywords, title, or description. You definitely can't modify the copy on the pages. The copy that's there effectively describes the company and its brand, and maybe the product. However, it doesn't effectively market all of those things. Do you think the creators of those pages bothered to use a Reverse Keyword Search? Even worse, with the exception of the contact information that you provide, your site has exactly the same copy as the countless others who are involved with the MLM business. Do you know what that means to the search engines? Nothing, absolutely nothing! In fact, the search engines will think even less of your site because it's DUPLICATE to so many others!

Why Have A Website At All?

Having a web presence helps to brand You, Inc. It provides a certain level of visibility, not to mention popularity for your personal brand on the Internet.  Since you value the concept of multiple streams of income, you most likely have more than one thing going on anyway.  Why not have a website that talks about you and ALL you do?  Why not market You, Inc on it's own?  Get a website that you can control!  One that you can effectively market, after doing your Reverse Keyword Search, with original copy that will make you unique to the search engines.

Once you have your web presence you can then use it to build You, Inc. and your autoresponder to remain in contact with the people who support it.  I explain how to do this in my FREE training and you can sign up with the box to the right if you haven't already done so.  The Internet is vast.  There is an estimated 6.9 Billion people in this world of which an estimated 2.9 Billion are on the Internet.  That is a 480% growth in the past decade according to Internet World Stats.  No other form of marketing will put you in front of that many people!  If you are a business person and you aren't on the Internet, then you might as well not exist, plain and simple.  Perform a small experiment, Google your name or your company name in quotes, like "Tamikia Alford".  How many results come up?

So What Is My MLM Provided Website Good For?

Well, since you can't use it to effectively market your product or You, Inc., You might as well use it sign people up for your opportunity.  I would say that you can use it to sell product but those shopping carts are usually navigational nightmares that hardly even describe the product well enough to get a customer who hasn't been personally introduced to the product interested.  If you can't afford your own e-commerce website, you can always create a blog and use it to market your MLM Opportunity's products.  Even if you could afford an e-commerce website, a blog is marketing gold, when it comes to building You, Inc. in general.

Now that I think about it, maybe they do that on purpose - force you to have parties and meetings by giving you a horrible, over duplicated website that is guaranteed to to be unmarketable.  Then you are guaranteed to follow their "marketing" techniques, right?  We'll show them!

Can't Get Anyone To Join Your MLM Downline? This Could Be Your Problem

In a previous post, I talked about Sellers (other business owners), being your target market for your MLM opportunity. Now does that mean that you go walking into every business you see asking to speak to the owner so that you can pitch them on your business? Absolutely not! You might be asking yourself, "What kind of business owner does she mean?" Well, it’s simple, think about it this way... If you were a recruiter for the NBA (National Basketball Association), would you be scouting at football games, swim meets, or basketball games? Basketball games, of course! Why? Because the people you find playing in basketball games have a few different properties:
  1. They already have an interest in basketball, the kind of team we are recruiting for. 
  2. They have experience in the sport so they understand the rules and what it takes to win the game. 
  3. They have made a commitment and an investment into becoming better players; be it practice, boot camps, personal coaches, and/or other training.
As a NBA recruiter, if your Sellers are the players, who are your Buyers? Well, the Buyers are the basketball game spectators. They are the people who have an interest in the game and will spend their money to watch. However, they are not willing to make the needed investment in order to become a top notch player - the kind of player you want to recruit. Think about if you stood in the middle of a busy intersection and shouted, "Hey, I’m a recruiter for the NBA, who wants to play for my team?" What kind of response would you get? Based on the common knowledge of how much professional basketball players make, you would get a stampede of people, even if they had to pay a nominal fee to get in. Now, if you told them to pay this fee now, to get in and a much smaller fee each month, but then explained that before they could get paid, they had to invest their time into training and practice to become what is required to win a game, how many do you think would stick around? Some might pay, but eventually leave the team because they weren’t getting paid, and were in fact losing money. There goes your team!

So if you are a network marketer, recruiting people for your business, who do you think you should be scouting? Other Network Marketers! Your customers are mere spectators at the game, Buyers. There is no need to even pitch the business to them. Though, if they are interested, they WILL come to you. Other network marketers have all of the qualities of your star players:
  1. They already have an interest in the business. 
  2. They have experience and they, like you, get it! They understand the importance of having multiple streams of income. 
  3. They have made a commitment and an investment into becoming a network marketer by joining an MLM business.
Generally, if you meet a network marketer, he will be interested in hearing about your business, but be careful. This can easily turn into a “mine is better than yours” game. That is not a game that you want to play, it’s a waste of time. You might be asking yourself how to avoid this game. Well, it’s simple, think about why you became a network marketer. It could have been so that you could travel more, fire your boss, spend more time with your family, etc. Really think about what enables you to do all of that – money!

Money is the reason that anyone goes into business. We don’t do it to spend all that we have, we do it to get more! So a true network marketer will be interested in making money! She won’t care what the product is. If you can show her how she can make more money, faster and easier, she’ll join you. She will stay with you as long as you can show her a proven, duplicatable system that will 1) Bring in prospects; 2) Convert the prospects into paying customers or business partners in her downline; 3) Earn money for your business from non-converting prospects. Then add that you can show her how to do it AUTOMATICALLY, 24/7, 365 days (366 on leap years)! Now if you recruit an already slightly successful network marketer, don’t you think she will bring her downline with her? Her downline, suddenly becomes your downline. When you repeat this system the possibilities are endless!