Can't Get Anyone To Join Your MLM Downline? This Could Be Your Problem

In a previous post, I talked about Sellers (other business owners), being your target market for your MLM opportunity. Now does that mean that you go walking into every business you see asking to speak to the owner so that you can pitch them on your business? Absolutely not! You might be asking yourself, "What kind of business owner does she mean?" Well, it’s simple, think about it this way... If you were a recruiter for the NBA (National Basketball Association), would you be scouting at football games, swim meets, or basketball games? Basketball games, of course! Why? Because the people you find playing in basketball games have a few different properties:
  1. They already have an interest in basketball, the kind of team we are recruiting for. 
  2. They have experience in the sport so they understand the rules and what it takes to win the game. 
  3. They have made a commitment and an investment into becoming better players; be it practice, boot camps, personal coaches, and/or other training.
As a NBA recruiter, if your Sellers are the players, who are your Buyers? Well, the Buyers are the basketball game spectators. They are the people who have an interest in the game and will spend their money to watch. However, they are not willing to make the needed investment in order to become a top notch player - the kind of player you want to recruit. Think about if you stood in the middle of a busy intersection and shouted, "Hey, I’m a recruiter for the NBA, who wants to play for my team?" What kind of response would you get? Based on the common knowledge of how much professional basketball players make, you would get a stampede of people, even if they had to pay a nominal fee to get in. Now, if you told them to pay this fee now, to get in and a much smaller fee each month, but then explained that before they could get paid, they had to invest their time into training and practice to become what is required to win a game, how many do you think would stick around? Some might pay, but eventually leave the team because they weren’t getting paid, and were in fact losing money. There goes your team!

So if you are a network marketer, recruiting people for your business, who do you think you should be scouting? Other Network Marketers! Your customers are mere spectators at the game, Buyers. There is no need to even pitch the business to them. Though, if they are interested, they WILL come to you. Other network marketers have all of the qualities of your star players:
  1. They already have an interest in the business. 
  2. They have experience and they, like you, get it! They understand the importance of having multiple streams of income. 
  3. They have made a commitment and an investment into becoming a network marketer by joining an MLM business.
Generally, if you meet a network marketer, he will be interested in hearing about your business, but be careful. This can easily turn into a “mine is better than yours” game. That is not a game that you want to play, it’s a waste of time. You might be asking yourself how to avoid this game. Well, it’s simple, think about why you became a network marketer. It could have been so that you could travel more, fire your boss, spend more time with your family, etc. Really think about what enables you to do all of that – money!

Money is the reason that anyone goes into business. We don’t do it to spend all that we have, we do it to get more! So a true network marketer will be interested in making money! She won’t care what the product is. If you can show her how she can make more money, faster and easier, she’ll join you. She will stay with you as long as you can show her a proven, duplicatable system that will 1) Bring in prospects; 2) Convert the prospects into paying customers or business partners in her downline; 3) Earn money for your business from non-converting prospects. Then add that you can show her how to do it AUTOMATICALLY, 24/7, 365 days (366 on leap years)! Now if you recruit an already slightly successful network marketer, don’t you think she will bring her downline with her? Her downline, suddenly becomes your downline. When you repeat this system the possibilities are endless!

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